Wizard And Templates In Ms Word

Wizard and Templates

There are many such programs in MS Word that help us to do certain tasks quickly, they know our choice by asking many questions and do the work according to them. Such programs are called Wizards.


Wizards are a feature that makes your complex tasks easier and guides you. Wizards aim to make step by step a task by which any task can be easily done. It is done by the wizard.


Templates, like design, are also a feature available in MS Word. Templates are a pre-made format of a document that contains the necessary rules for formatting or preparing a document. Choosing a template allows all those rules on that document. For example, font, color, background, style, table, text box, etc. are already set in the template, we just have to enter our data.

How to use Help option in MS Word

In MS Word, this option provides help to us, here we can get help on any topic related to MS Word, for this we can also use F1 Key, on pressing this key, an option called Office assistant is displayed where we You can get your answer by typing your question, in addition to clicking on any button that appears etc. to get information about it. There is also an option called.