The Paloma

It's almost the Fourth of July, and the weather has gotten hot.  Very hot.  So when 5:00 o'clock rolled around yesterday, we tried a new drink, The Paloma, which Michael Ruhlman wrote about in his Friday cocktail column this week.  Each week he writes about a different cocktail, and this week he outdid himself.  The Paloma is delicious, refreshing, and beautiful - the perfect summer cocktail.

The Paloma
Adapted from
For 1 drink

Make and serve this drink quickly to preserve the effervescence of the grapefruit soda.

2 shots Hornitos Reposada Tequila
2 shots Izze Grapefruit Soda
Juice of half a lime
Spent lime rind

Squeeze the lime half thoroughly to get all its juice.  Put it in a large wine glass.  Add the Tequila and the grapefruit soda.  Stir.  Drop in the lime rind.  Add ice.  Stir again.  Serve right away.