Sunchips Introduces First Eco-friendly Chip Bag

I love Sunchips. For a long time, they've been one of my favorite snack foods because they have the satisfaction of chips and the sweetness of the whole grains in them. Together, they conquer not only my appetite but also my craving for delicious chippy goodness.
On Earth Day this year, Frito-Lay introduced the first ever completely biodegradable chip bag. In thirteen weeks, this bag (made of completely renewable plant fibers,) will completely decompose. The chips inside are the same Sunchips you know and love; only the bag is different. However, this bag does have an extremely annoying quality to it: It's one loud bag. The fibers that make up the bag are all completely natural, so the construction of the bag makes it sound very much like a cross between a space blanket and a sheet of tinfoil.
Link: Sunchips Website