Sky Garden Restaurant Is A Stellar Experience At ‘Imiloa In Hilo, HI

In 2008, Andy Cheng took the reigns of Sky Garden Restaurant bringing Asian and Hawaiian influenced food to locals and visitors of ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. ‘Imiloa has plenty to do and will keep you busy the whole day with astronomical exhibits, planetarium shows, and even a native botanical garden outside.

Sky Garden features a nightly dinner buffet option (except Sundays). Let’s take a looks at some of the highlights:

 On Thursdays, snow crab legs are on the menu. Snow crab legs are steamed to perfection with drawn butter. It’s not too salty, tender, and super juicy.Caesar salad – The romaine lettuce is fresh and crispy but the dressing needs more garlic and anchovy flavor.To read more and see photos, please visit:


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