Selecting Text In Ms Word

Selecting Text

To improve a document or page, the text is first selected for actions such as moving a word or sentence from one place to another or copying it, changing its Format or Size. Mouse is often used to select text, for this, first move the mouse point where you want to select the text. Now click and hold the mouse button and while holding it, slide the mouse pointer to the right.You will see that as the mouse pointer moves, the text inside it appears to be highlighted. Similarly, move the left mouse button to the end of the text as far as you want to select it. By doing this, all the content (including lines, paragraphs, etc.) between those two places will be selected and that part will be highlighted on the screen.To select the text more easily, you can also use the following techniques as per the requirement.Double-click a word to select it.To select a sentence, press the control key (CTRL) and click in the sentence.To select a line, click the mouse pointer right in front of the line in the margin to the left of that line.To select a paragraph, click anywhere three times consecutively in the paragraph or double click in the margin on the left side of the paragraph.In all these techniques you can also select other words, sentences, lines or paragraphs nearby by dragging and dragging the mouse button (dragging).If you want to select only parts of them instead of whole words, hold down the Alt key while clicking and moving the mouse.To select the entire document, order 'Select All' from the 'Edit' menu. Or by pressing Ctrl + A of its shortcut, the entire document can also be selected.Text can also be selected with the help of keyboard. For this, first move the cursor to the place from where you want to select the text. Now move the cursor to the right and or down by pressing the shift key, while doing this, you will see that the text will be selected from where the cursor goes, in this method you can select from one letter to the whole document.