New Wheat Thins Smoky BBQ Flavor

Nabisco is introducing a new Wheat Thins flavor this week - it shows up in stores today - called Wheat Thins Smoky BBQ.  A couple of weeks ago, Nabisco sent us a sample for review, and we've been chomping on them ever since.
They're good.  Really good.  Surprisingly good, actually, because I don't usually like BBQ flavored snack crunchies and yet Wheat Thins Smoky BBQ won me over with well-balanced spices and flavorings and a subtle waft of smoke. (This is such a contrast to most barbecue-flavored chips which tend to kick you in the mouth with a ton of tomato powder and really cheap, strong smoke flavor.)  Beware, though: if you are a die-hard anti-BBQ-flavorist, they might not be for you. In an informal guys-around-the-break-table-at-work test, seven guys loved them, two liked them, and two said they didn't like stuff that tasted like smoke. (Take this study with a greain of salt however, because it's well known that you can take anything at all even remotely edible to the company breakroom, put it out on a table, and the vultures you work with will have it stripped to a skeleton within minutes.)
Despite this universal appeal, out-of-the-box snacking is not where Wheat Thins shine. As thin and crunchy as they are, they're still a cracker and the Smoky BBQ variety is especially well-suited for enhancement.  Cheese especially, whether it's a dab of cream cheese, a squirt of aerosol Easy Cheese, or a slice of spicy pepper jack, Smoky BBQ Wheat Thins and cheese are a natural together.  They're pretty awesome paired with a hearty dip, too.  
Anyway, today's the official release date. GET SOME.