Moodaepo Is An Ultimate K-Pop Korean BBQ Experience Rowland Heights, CA

Moodaepo in Rowland Heights is the fourth location of this expanding K-Pop Korean Barbeque phenomenon. In the parking lot, you can sniff your way to the front door as the scent of KBBQ lures you in. The interior is decorated like a disco-tech lounge with stage club lighting and big screens on the walls. The color scheme is fun, exciting, yet you feel welcome to stay a while. They even have a room in the back for private events like company luncheon, birthday parties, and other celebratory occasions with a large screen and audio system.
Your meal starts out with a daily variety of panjan. The most famous panjan that everyone equates as Korean is kimchi (also spelled kimchee) which is traditional fermented vegetables in a variety of seasonings from mild to very spicy. But, there is much more to panjan ranging from a variety of vegetable salads to pancakes. These can be eaten as an appetizer or mixed in with your barbequed meats. Try it both ways and see what suits your taste buds best.
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