Momoland Says Taeha And Daisy's Absence Is Unfortunate

Momoland says Taeha and Daisy's absence is unfortunate - Momoland pointed out Taeha and Daisy's absence.

Momoland pointed out Taeha and Daisy's absence.
MLD Entertainment announced Momoland will be promoting as a set of seven with out Taeha and Daisy for the 5th mini album due to "health problems and private motives."

At the exhibit for 'Show Me' on March 20, Hyebin commented, "It's unfortunate and my thoughts is not well at how we came to promote as 7. But we can show an awesome side of us all through this promotion."

When requested about the participants' situation, Momoland prevented a clean solution, and handiest reiterated, "They could not sell because their treatment didn't workout with the advertising duration."