Math Functions In Excel

Math Functions in Excel

1. SUM (): -  Numbers are added by this function. In this, the value, cell address or cell range can be given.Example:- =SUM(a1:a4)result:- 1802. SQRT (): - With  the help of this function any number of SQUARE ROOT is extracted. In its argument, give the cell address of a number or give that number. Whose SQUARE ROOT is to be extracted.Example:- =SQRT(25)3. odd (): - With  this function even number can be converted to odd number.
Example = odd (80)
Result = 814. even (): - By this  function odd number can be converted into even number.
Example: - = even (79)
Result = 805. MOD (): - With  the help of this function, the remainder of any number is derived. Two arguments are given in it.
Example: - = MOD (26,5)
result = 16.POWER (): -  The power of any number can be calculated from this function. Two arguments are given in this, first number, second power.
Example: - = POWER (5,2)
Result = 257. ABS (): -  derives absolute value from it. That is, if there is any sign. Then it is removed. It takes a number in the argument.Example:- =abs (-125)
Result = 1258.Fact (): - With the help of this function, the Factorial number of any number can be extracted. It takes a number in the argument.
Like, there is a Factorial of 5. 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 = 120Example:- =fact (5)
Result= 1209. INT (): - Can extract the integer value of any number from this function. It takes a number in the argument.Example:- =int(123.34)