Master Slide In Power Point

Master Slide

If you want to create your own design for your presentation, then this task can be easily done through the master slide. Can be easily changed by master slide simultaneously. The following separate master in each presentation -1. Slide
2. Title
3. Hand out
4. Speaker NotesSome pre-made master templates are available in PowerPoint which are stored in the design template. When you select any design template, your presentation also changes accordingly and you can improve it as per your requirement. Can doAny improvement you make to the master slide is applied to all the slides in your presentation. The following is the procedure to make changes to the master slide -1. First of all, open your presentation.2. After this, select the Master option located in the View menu and click on the Master option. Some options will appear from which select the Slide Master option.3. In this master slide you will see many options, click the option you want to improve, with
these options you can change the font, font color, style, font size etc. in your slide.To place an element in another place, hold it with the mouse pointer and move it to that option and place it at the appropriate place.5. To change the size of an element, click and hold its black handle with the mouse pointer and set it in the proper place as is done with an image etc.6. You can also add an image or audio to the master slide.

As soon as you come back to your slide after making all the changes, then you will see the changes that you have made in your presentation, now you can make any changes again if you want.In this way you can prepare beautiful master slides for your presentation.