Macro Option In Ms Word

Macro Option

With the help of Macro, we can record any task and run that macro if needed. In MS Word, we can record any work we do and it gets done in a few seconds. This is a very useful tool.
Recording Macro:
Tool Menu → Macro → Record New MacroIn this, we first give the name of Macro in the text box. And click on the Create button. A new window opens as soon as you click.Clicking on the keyboard option, he asks for the Shortcut key where a new Shortcut Key is inserted and determines it in the Store Macro in. Where to store Macro. After clicking ok button, the recording of Macro starts. After recording, we stop the recording. And then whenever that task has to be done again. So let's run the mankro directly. So that work is done in a few seconds on its own. Once recording the Macro saves time and the work becomes a festival.Now whenever we have to do that work, we will press the shortcut key which we have created, then that work will be done automatically.