Kihyun And Bona Tuai Cibiran Spicy After Denial Issues Secretly Dating For 5 Years

Starship Argues by Saying that the 5-year Kihyun and Bona Dating Issues Are Baseless. But Many Netizens Who Do Not Believe And Give Spicy Cibiran.

Starship Entertainment has released an official statement responding to reports that Kihyun Monsta X and Bona Cosmic Girls have been secretly dating for 5 years. The agency denied the report and netizens also gave a variety of reactions.

Earlier on April 21, Sports Chosun revealed in an exclusive report that Kihyun and Bona had been dating from 2015. Both were very careful about their relationship, and would go on secret dates in places like Kihyun's car.

Starship has denied saying that the issue of Kihyun and Bona dating for 5 years is baseless. But many netizens who do not believe and give spicy scorn.

"They are both innocent so they have never been caught by the media even after five years. But after all, if they had just gone on a vacation to Jeju Island, wouldn't they have been maintaining social distance around that time?"

"Sorry I don't know who they are."

"Five years. So they've been dating since the day of their debut."

"Monsta X must have fallen at that time. They have a lot of scandals, they just aren't famous enough to get attention. Dating scandals are more damaging to careers than actual crime, that's why fans will leave you."

"They actually have been dating for 7 years, not 5 years."

"There is no smoke without fire, anyone in the industry knows. And aren't they going to comeback soon? I would call it baseless too. There's money in front of them. Group image is also at stake."

"No, I don't believe it. Starship too often calls the truth a baseless rumor."

"The best thing to do is deny it. The popularity of girl groups immediately falls as members start dating, and boy groups make their fans turn into haters and start all kinds of chaos like demanding that they leave the group."

"He clearly lost the confidence of his girlfriend and fans."

"Who cares if they are dating it's not like they lost fans. No fans are eliminated."

Meanwhile, Kihyun and Monsta X are currently preparing to greet fans through a comeback. Whereas Bona was recently reported to be starring in a KBS weekend drama titled "Lovers of Samkwang Villa" as the main character.