Introduction To MS Excel

Introduction to MS ExcelIt is a software of MS Office. With the help of which we can do data processing work on the database. And can store data. There are different types of tools for managing the database. Using which you can format the database. There are nine menus in the menu bar of this application software. It has different types of toolbars. You can use it easily. It has an application window. Which has a workbook inside. The workbook is contained within the workbook.
In Excel, data is stored in a worksheet. There are row and column in it. Cells are made up of ray and column, each cell has an address in it. Which is called a cell address. This address is made up of the names of columns and rows. Such as A1, BB10 etc. A work seat has 65536 rows and 256 columns. Rea's name is from Number. And the name of the call remains in alphabet. It has the following total cell count. 65536 * 256 = 16777216 Aworkbook contains 256 work seats. The file is made in it. Its secondary name is .XLS.


This is an Excel file. In which there are many work seats. In which data is stored. A workbook contains 256 worksites. Y defaults are three work seats. New work seat can be added or deleted. Can be renamed and in this, the work of copying the seat etc. can be done easily. When opening the workbook, the work site opens automatically. Only one workbook can be worked on at a time. Which is called Active Burke Seat.


The worksite is like a page in a book. In which we can store data. A worksheet has 65536 rows and 256 columns. And 65536 * 256 = 16777216 is a cell. Each column has a name of 55. Which are alphabet. This range is from A to IV = 256. And Ro's name is numeric. Its range is up to 1 To 65536. It can be renamed.


 A cell is formed by the joining of Roe and Colum. A worksheet consists of 65536 * 256 = 16777216 cells. Data is written to the cell. 255 characters can be written in a cell. The name of the cell is formed by combining the name of Colum and Row. This is the address of the cell. The two cell ads together form the range ads. In this, two or more cells can be merged and the cell's formatting can also be done.