Inserting Picture/Chart/Table/Media Clip In Slide

Inserting Picture/Chart/Table/Media clip in slide

If we want to use Picture / Chart / Table / Media clip in our slide, then for this we use the following option.First select the Slide Layout option from the Format menu.          Then select the Content layout from the Layouts present in it.
Now click on Picture / Chart / Table / Media clip etc. of Picture Place Holder. If the picture is selected, the picture can be added to the slide by double clicking on one of the pictures in the displayed picture.If the chart is selected, a table is displayed, which is called Data Sheet, the data present in this data sheet is changed to make the chart according to your needs.If the table is selected, a Dialog box is displayed. In which determine the row or column and click on Ok. The empty row of the given row and column will appear on the slide. Now the user can work in the presentation by putting the data as per his need.The design and background of all the slides of the presentation will change as soon as you click the design template.Click on the Slide design option located in the Format Menu.on one of the displayed designs.