How To Save A New Document In PageMaker

How to save a new document in PageMaker 7.0

When you create a new document, initially it is named Untitled-1, and later on it is given a new name, while securing any new document which has not yet been named, take the following actions to protect it later. .Place the Save command in the File Menu or press the S (Ctrl + S) Button with the control. As soon as you do this, you will be given a dialog box of Save Publication.

Click the File Name text box in this dialog box and bring the cursor there and type a name for the document.The default folder for saving this document is Adobe Page Maker 6.5 where all the programs of PageMaker are also kept. If you want to keep the document in any other folder other than this, fill or select its name in the Save In List box.At this time, the type Publication of the document should be selected in the Save as type list box. If it is not, then you should choose the correct type.Finally, click the Save button or press Enter, which will secure the document and you will be able to return to your document and continue the work.It is necessary to state here that you name a document only once. The next time you open that document, a copy of it is actually opened and all changes are made only when you end it or in the middle. When secured, the original document is corrected according to those changes.

Saving An Existing Document

While working on a document, you make many changes to it or add new material. It is a good idea to keep it safe in between, because all your efforts are wasted if the computer is shut down or stopped due to some unexpected reason. Maybe to save the file in the middle, place the Save command in the File menu or press the S (Ctrl + S) button with the control if the document is already named. If not, then no dialog box will be given, but upon ordering to save, the changes made by you in a moment will be saved. And you will be able to return to the document and continue the work.