How To Create A New Presentation In Presentation

How to create a new Presentation in Presentation

Power Point is an application software of Microsoft Office. With the help of which presentations, graphs, slides, handouts and all types of presentation materials can be prepared. Slides is an electronic presentation. With the help of which we can express our thoughts very well. You can run this presentation on the computer screen, on Projector and also publish on web. It is used in the fields of education business, medical, engineering and research. There are already many types of template design stores, using which we can prepare our presentations very well in a short time. Apart from this, there are various types of formatting and animation schemes. Which we can use directly.A presentation is a group of different slides. Those groups are given the form of a file. Slide It acts as a page in a presentation. Which consists of text, images or combinations of different data.

To turn on the power point

Click on the Start button.Click the Program button.Click the Microsoft PowerPoint option.The Startup dialog box of PowerPoint appears. Which has four options.