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Driving Karma: There's a Better Way to Get There

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Title: Driving Karma: There's a Better Way to Get ThereAuthor : Robbie MacRelease Date : January 19, 2017Genre: Education,Books,Professional & Technical,Pages : * pagesSize : 185 KB


Resolving Road Rage...

Are you afraid for your teenage drivers in this climate of highway warfare? We’re in the midst of an escalating epidemic of aggressive driving, which in the USA alone eats up 250 billion dollars a year in economic cost and causes up to 6 million dollars in injuries every year.

Do you, your spouse or your family have ongoing issues with anger when driving?

Driving Karma, is a short and sweet, simple no fluff, no filler e-book from one driver, who discovered some successful strategies to reduce his own issues with road rage and dramatically improve his driving experience.

He details them in Driving Karma and his hope is these will improve your driving life in some way. 

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