Actor Kim Byung Choon's 'True Beauty' Tested Positive For COVID-19

One of the cast members of the drama 'True Beauty', Kim Byung Choon tested positive for COVID-19.

Actor Kim Byung Choon's 'True Beauty' Tested Positive for COVID-19
According to South Korean media reports on Tuesday (22/12), this veteran actor born in 1966 tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Currently, Kim Byung Choon is known to be starring in tvN's Wed-Thu drama 'True Beauty', as well as SBS's morning drama 'Phoenix 2020'.

According to an SBS representative, Kim Byung Choon finished filming 'Phoenix 2020' last month, so it is highly likely that the staff and the drama star did not have direct contact with Kim Byung Choon recently.

Meanwhile, tvN has not yet commented on the news and the possible impact this will have on the filming process for the drama “True Beauty”.

If Kim Byung Choon recently made contact with the cast and crew of the drama 'True Beauty', then it is very likely that the cast and crew will undergo a COVID-19 test and the filming process for 'True Beauty' could be hampered. (