5 Beautiful K-Pop Idols Who Have Super Luxurious Rides

Some female K-Pop idols are reaping success outside of their groups. Some tried acting and gained popularity in that field. Others take advantage of their popularity by doing business and investing.

The popularity gained from hard work eventually fattened their coffers. So it's no wonder these idols are able to have abundant assets, including collecting fantastic luxury cars.

Here are five K-Pop idols who are charming with super luxurious rides, as quoted from Allkpop, Wednesday (20/1/2021).

Yoona 'SNSD'

Not only successful as a K-Pop idol and actress, SNSD's Yoona is also fairly in demand as an advertising star. Not surprisingly, the Hush actress was dubbed the Queen of Ads.

SNSD's Yoona. (Photo: Big Issue / Porsche)
From that income, Yoona could buy a Porsche Cayenne Coupe for KRW110 million (IDR1.4 billion) to KRW180 million (IDR2.29 million).


HyunA's name has skyrocketed since joining the Wonder Girls group under JYP Entertainment. However, he then left and joined 4MINUTE, before finally succeeding with his solo career.

Hyuna. (Photo: DAZED / Cadillac)
From his musical career, singer Dawn's lover chose the Cadillac Escalade as his mount. The car is known to have a price of KRW120 million (Rp1.53 billion) to KRW130 million (Rp1.65 billion).

Jessica Jung

After leaving SNSD, Jessica chose a more career in China. There, he starred in several big screen titles and focused on growing his fashion business. In 2019, he released Shine, one of his novels to enter the New York Times Best Seller list.

Jessica Jung. (Photo: Instagram/@jessica.syj)
Jessica Jung's success in these various fields, not only made her more popular but also abundant in material. For rides, he is known to have a Maserati Quattroporte supercar worth KRW160 million (IDR2 billion) to KRW240 million (IDR3.06 billion).

Bae Suzy

The former Miss A personnel is predicted to gain income of more than KRW10 billion or equivalent to IDR127 billion from a total of 14 work contracts in 2013. Apart from acting, Bae Suzy is also contracted by several well-known fashion to cosmetic companies.

Bae Suzy. (Photo: Instagram / @ skuukzky)
With that income, it's no wonder that the StartUp actress is one of the richest idols. He even chose a KRW140 million (IDR 1.78 billion) Porsche 911 as his flagship ride.

T-ARA's Hyomin

Since T-ARA's contract with the old agency ended in 2018, the members have focused more on individual activities. Hyomin, for example, is more involved in acting, being a soloist, and in the cosmetic business.

Hyomin T-ARA (Photo: Instagram / @ hyominnn)
He is known to collaborate with several major cosmetic brands to launch his own products. From that success, Hyomin bought a Lotus Evora 400 for KRW140 million or the equivalent of Rp1.78 billion. *